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Date: 11th July 2016

  • Useful mind map as a tool to know each other in a new group.
  • Contex4content. An interesting way of take advantage of this course even after it has finished.
  • Culture – Content – Comunication – Cognition
  • GPO. Important building in Ireland with a huge history.
  • We met Kevin, our tutor.
  • The value of sharing: Openness to improve my classes and really helpful to achieve my goals.
  • Glossary: Sibling

Date: 12th July 2016

  • Working in our groups of two or four.
  • We have used a new tool: KWL Chart, today with Irish Culture topic. This tool could fit in my method and may help me to sort students’ ideas in class. I’ll try KWL Chart before starting a new topic the next course.
  • We’ve been shown a slide show about influences of Celts, Vikings and Druids.
  • Interesting tools presented by tutor Louis: Padlet, Prezi, Anymoto. So useful in class, I’m used to more of these tools and I’ve checked how my classes have changed once students get used to.
  • Glossary: blight, canvas, fungus, famine, foyer, buskers, shamrock.
  • Expressions: break the ice, no worries, flight of the Earls, crock of gold.

Date: 13th July 2016

  • Tips and schedule to comment a paint: Type - Description - Style
  • Working visit to Dublin City Gallery, Hugh Lane. I had the chance to meet Irish painters and even we could visit Francis Bacon’s Studio. This activity will help me to arrange similar ones with my students with the aim of make more useful our visit to museums and galleries.
  • In groups of 4, we made 2 slides with two paints. We used Venn diagram.
  • Reflection: Two stars and a wish. Something I did well … something I could do better …
  • We have been shown new tools, new methods to develop in class: Venn diagram, T chart, Compare and Contrast (Alike - Diff.), Compare and Contrast (Diagram). 

Date: 14th July 2016

  • Today I have learned about many food from Ireland and even from all over the world, as well. Mainly European’s food.
  • Also, I had the chance to learn new recipes explained by our colleagues.
  • Paper – rock – scissors method.
  • Field Project & Social Activity: International Food Fair/A Taste of European Food. Such a nice evening. A great idea to repeat with my students to immerse into English and Irish culture.
  • Verbs: mash, crush, boil, backed.
  • Glossary: Tastes (bitter – sweet – strong – mild ), raw, rare, medium, well done, flavours, chickpeas, lack of food, Noah’s Ark, tapas, stew, coddle, smooth

Date: 15th July 2016

  • In our groups of 4 speaking about yesterday’s Food fair.
  • Technology & Science session.
  • I have learned more about the uses of connectors. I will make an effort in using these connectors in my daily English in class once I back home.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of using technology.
  • Use of round Robin. It will be useful to energize my classes.
  • Glossary: sweet tooth, waffle, bias, biased dice, fair dice, overhead projector.

Date: 16th July 2016

  • Trip to Howth. We enjoyed the DART and went Howth by train. It’s a lovely peninsula which offers a lot of possibilities such as a nice beach, a harbour, a lighthouse and also up to three coastal walks. We take the green one and had an unforgettable journey. Besides, we visit its castle and tried food at Farmer´s Market.
  • I have learned how to take advantage of a journey to a new place and to get into its culture as well. (Contex4content.)

Date: 17th July 2016

  • Day Study Visit and Field Project: Glendalough and Kilkenny
  • Glendalough is a natural place, plenty of water and full of prehistorical objects as far as the Ice Age!
  • On the other hand, Kilkenny is a Medieval City with an amazing Castle and where you are guided to 13 century as well.
  • That´s a practical lecture of contex4content and I have no doubt that I will do the same with my students promoting visits with many things to find out.

Date: 18th July 2016
  • We practice showing our works in group about Irish scientists. It´s necessary to get used to this task as I need it in my maths classes very often.
  • An interesting walk over Irish poetry was shown us by our tutor. I found examples to show in my classes as a way to introduce new topics.
  • Films as a tool for our classes. We had the chance to share many of the film we usually watch in our classes and I have written down them with the aim to watch in my maths classes as soon as I could.
  • Besides, I discover some interesting websites plenty of resources which could fit in my classes.
  • Today we had all of the three tutors; a great example of how it could improve the quality for my students.
  • I have learned about Round Robin method and its fit as a glove in my classes, I will practice there for sure!
  • Glossary: Mid-Term break, College sick bay, To knell, Blow, To coo, pram, sigh, stanched, bandaged, snowdrops, to soothe, pale, poppy, bruise, temple, scar, bumper, cot, soldering iron, gleaming, splash, fluent, hammer and tongs, parish, busker, coy, to settle, toddler, pushy.
  • Expressions: to take something in his stride, to take funerals in his/her stride, to arouse interest in the subject, to secure a bank loan, to stand someone up.

Date: 19th July 2016

  • Visit of the National Museum of Ireland. An useful activity that gave me further information in order to develop ideas in my maths classes as an extra activities.
  • We worked into the Museum taking a lot of information of all the rooms to fill up our form.
  • Many new tools to energize workings in group. For me there are really useful: Role Cards, Place Mats, Ghost Walk, One stay rest stray, One stray rest stay. I will put in practice the next course.
  • Glossary: booklet, leaflets, glimpse, kingship, bog
  • Expressions: to get entangled with.

Date: 20th July 2016

  • IRISH SPORTS. We had the chance to learn about sport that are played in Ireland such as Hurling or Gaelic Football, even its rules.
  • Also it was interesting to discover GAA as a way to preserve Irish Sports in Ireland. I think that my students must practice sport more often and I will help them as much as   I can.
  • Glossary: To bounce, hemisphere, pastime, to heal, to hail, abolish, to back, to scrap.
  • Expressions: to ban from, bow and arrow.
  • HOBBIES. Tutor Louis made us to work in groups of four to discuss about our hobbies and the time we spend in them.
  • Padlet is an useful tool that I will study deeply this Summer Holidays and that I will be adding to my classes soon. Thanks to tutor Louis.
  • In the afternoon, first of all we had time to arrange our Portfolio and them we visit The Book of Kells; maybe Dublin crown jewel. I have learned how to take advantage of a source when you are so lucky to have it in your town. It´s the chance to access the culture and the ancient one as well.

Date: 21st July 2016

  • SOCIALISING IN EUROPE. We have worked about how Europe citizens are changing our strategies in socialising.
  • In fact there are many ways of meeting people and it result quite interesting to think about it in order to give more information and even examples to our students.
  • Tutor Tom made a survey about our social habits.
  • In the afternoon we have enjoyed Irish music at DCM Hall. Such a great example of how we could arrange a whole activity in our schools. I will share with my colleges at school and try to arrange a performance.
  • Glossary: sue, flirt, chat up, shape, sexual harassment, slap, reckless, devious, to skew, askew, bunkum, to drift, Fomo, Pomo, to swallow, drizzly, dull, paragliding. 
  • Expressions: I wasn´t put off by the accident, I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me, to be a stay at home person, to turn down (refuse) the offer, to feel uncomfortable around somebody.

Date: 22nd July 2016

  • Today is the last one! Two weeks working together was really great.
  • In the morning we have shown our portfolio and have discussed about many dissemination strategies to be put in practice in our classes.

A final overview of my experience in this Erasmus+ Continuous Professional Development programme:

My experience in this programme has been excellent, highly recommended to all European teachers as a way to make the best Europe and to connect education professionals all over Europe.

Thank you all for giving us the chance to share our ideas and even to meeting other colleges with the same goals.

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